A layered approach

Keep staff on the move up to date with the latest policies and procedures and keep track of their daily operations. Our intuitive, AI-powered solution is dedicated to monitoring staff compliance, smoothing daily operations, and streamlining accessibility to vital policies and documents from one simple, convenient platform.

With our technology, we’re able to virtualise individual data, content sources, and applications into standardised building blocks. Then we embed state-of-the-art interactive functionalities and as a result we can quickly and cost-effectively transform your disparate materials into full-fledged, professional applications. This cutting-edge technology is present within MyStaff App.


All Your Data
in one

We compile all your data to create understandable order. Relationships between subject, document owner, expiry date and the relevant group and/or department are established as well as authorisation rules and access.

No more searching through filing cabinets and slow intranet systems just to find that one document you need right now. Instead, you can get it on your smartphone in seconds, no matter where you are or what you're doing.


Compliant with
Current Regulations

In a world where many regulations are updated or changed each year, it's easy to miss on such details until penalties start adding up.

That's why during our compiling process, our platform will detect any documents that have since expired and identify duplicates. Mobile alerts can then be configured to notify users about any further updates.


Powered By
Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging machine learning, our AI solution interprets and reconfigures each document for mobile viewing without affecting the format of tables, graphs, or images.

Where documents would be difficult to read on small mobile screens, forcing users to zoom in and scroll up, down, left and right; MyStaff App is cleverly built to reformat A4 documents into a more digestable format.


Tracked with
Real-time Analytics

The increasing volume of policies, regulations and procedures is making it difficult for staff to know what they have read. Manual processes are prone to human error - yet there are no suitable solutions available on the market today, until now.

Track real-time staff compliance levels with our analytics dashboard, desigined for managers and supervisors in mind. Analyse how frequently documents are engaged with and view historical audit trails.

Ready to put best practice into the heart of your organisation?

Your Data
safe and secure

Harnessing the brilliance that is Diligram's Data Hub, we utilise state-of-the-art encryption that allows you to be confident your data is protected at all times. The encryption is ideal for privacy-related and other sensitive data, as well as protecting it from competitors.

Proven with thousands of high-end users
Aggregation of big data for AI-based analyses
Customised integration, maintenance, and updates