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Highly Regulated

A concern for businesses in highly regulated industries has always been regulatory compliance. Companies in these industries are required to meet certain rules and guidelines that dictate how they must run their business, or risk losing their licence to operate.

Employees are required to read policies, however its unclear whether they are adhered to. For staff, knowing which policies to read and where to find them can be a time-consuming task that causes significant disruption to their daily workflow.

With Flexibility
In Mind

MyStaff App is custom-built to meet unique industry needs through streamlining processes and improving compliance where strict governance is present. When managed effectively, governance leads to ethical business practices and financial viability.

Our aim is to connect people with data and harness its utility to deliver consistent results for organisations undergoing frequent regulation audits and inspections.



With the sector suffering chronic staff shortages as a result of the pandemic, staff have little time to be trained on key policies without being confined to a workstation. Care homes and private hospitals are equally affected by this issue and are unaware if policies are sufficiently read, leaving them unprepared for their next CQC inspection.

Having policies readily available through MyStaff App's mobile platform reduces strain on memory - a major source of human error and oversight when taxed.


Law Enforcement

To ensure safety, Law Enforcement is governed by an array of policies and procedures. In a sector that is widely understaffed its our utmost priority to simplify the training process for new recruits, without sacrificing good ethical practice.

With complicated processes and strict procedures, it is paramount that guidelines are adhered to when operating in a public service. MyStaff App's push alerts will be instrumental in notifying teams when they need to renew any training and review policies.


MaaS Providers

Mobility as a Service is unique and disruptive in its business model. Providers utlise private operators within their network and integrate payment functions into a complete digital dashboard.

Due to its recent entrance, there are concerns about the implementation of data protection, as well as safety and operational policies. Regulators in this sector are forever updating policies due to its fairly new introduction and MyStaff App can support providers remain compliant.


Construction Applications

A recent case saw a large construction company fined £40,000 for failing to ensure its staff were aware of key regulations. It was ruled that no checks had been carried out to confirm whether employees had read important documents.

Smaller firms have even fewer procedures in place to manage their policies effectively. With MyStaff App's analytics dashboard, management are aware of compliance neglect with real-time tracking across departments and groups.

"Accessing your app to read policies, guidelines urgently, without having to go to a work station and login provides great benefits”.

Document Control Manager | NHS Trust

Other Applicable

The MyStaff App solution can be implemented into a wide variety of sectors and industries. We are best placed to transform organisations who possess a mobile workforce, are subject to strict regulations and are currently overwhelmed with heavy admin processes.

Our goal is to focus your staff on delivering best practice.

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