THE Benefits



Many organisations have growing compliance demands. Employees are required to read policies, acknowledge them, and sign them off. This is a time-consuming task due to the manual processes involved and having to be within proximity of a desktop computer. This causes significant disruptions day to day.

To make matters worse, much of the evidence documented for policy review is sometimes lost due to human error or manual processes within departments. These lapses can be costly and gives non-compliant offenders opportunity to claim ignorance about policy requirements.

Make Best Practice
Your Industry Standard

MyStaff App's combination of intuitive design, powerful search functions and relevant features, results in a experience that’s both friendly for users and manageable for supervisors. The management interface allows organisations to manage user groups and track compliance in real time. The comprehensive analytical functions also provide overviews and insights, with key information on your staff's adherence levels.


Access For All Users

Delivering our solution in app form means any professional whether in the office, off-site or working frontline; can adhere to regulations, without interruption.

Extracting PDF files for mobiles inherently provides accessibility benefits, serving all users with learning and visual difficulties when reading.


Eliminate Human Error

MyStaff App eliminates mistakes caused by human error due to a lack of access to policies and documents at key points of service.

Our solution makes preparing for your next audit simpler, centralising all your documents into one digitised platform.


Keeping You Compliant

Our intuitive platform makes it simple to manage large volumes of information with automated alerts on regulation updates and upcoming document expiries.

Making it simple for both managers and end users to maintain compliance with current regulations, without the frustration.


Always Trained

With MyStaff App's Analytics Dashboard, organisations are able to instantly see the health status of their governance assets and find out which departments routinely follow guidance and which ones do not.

As a result, proactive measures can be instituted such as additional training before mistakes occur and incoming additions such as new recruits or transfers can follow best practice from the get go.


Backed by our team of experts

With a wealth of 15 years experience working with highly regulated industries and disruptive technologies, our team are best suited to integrate MyStaff App seamlessly into yoru organisation.

Rest assured, we have built a best practice solution for managing and distributing company policies easily.

Feeling overwhelmed with admin overload and want peace of mind?

Outcomes for
Aligned Teams

The digital world of today is flooded with a torrent of ever-growing data and information. Diligram's MyStaff app solution helps organisations with large, diverse workforces navigate this challenge, and is the perfect tool to help disseminate important information and assure the most efficient use of it.

We put best practice back into the heart of your organisation.

Role Fulfillment

Providing your employees with the necessary training and the right tools to carry out their role effectively, allows them to assess their capabilities more accurately and drives role progression.

Job Satisfaction

With the utility of analytics, mangement can gain a better understanding on how their staff are delivering, encouraging valuable feedback and praise to hard-working employees.

Consistent Delivery

Implementing MyStaff App allows management to predict outcomes and address staff before a problem arises. With routine procedures and measured activities, the app empowers staff to consistently deliver without the frustration.